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Year after year the opening parade ranks as the most popular event in Meripäivät attracting around 30,000 spectators every year.   Traditionally, the parade route goes through Keskuskatu ending at the Kotka City Hall.  The Meripäivät opening parade is meant for local associations, clubs and companies, giving them a chance to make their organization known to public. Each year, the parade has a different theme and this year the theme is 140-year-old Kotka.  It is expected that the theme is somehow present in the groups’ parade performances, because, after all, the parade is a competition.  The winner is announced right after the parade at the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony takes place at Kotka-lava (in market square) and it starts immediately after the parade, approximately at 19.00.



Location: Yhteisötalo Messi, Kirkkokatu 22, 48100 Kotka

Workshops and other activities, plays and shows and everything fun for our youngest visitors.  All for free!

Opening hours:

Friday and Saturday 10:00 – 18:00

Sunday 10:00 – 15:00

Detailed programme (in Finnish):



Thursday 25.7.

13:00 Kotkan Meripäiväjuoksu – Running event

The 17th Meripäivä Run is here.  For further information please visit:

Friday 26.7.

10:00-13:00 Takaperinjuoksun SM -kisat  – Finnish Championships in Backwards Running

The contest aims to raise awareness of how difficult it is for eldery to walk.  Separate series for women and men.  Contestants must wear protective gear such as helmets, elbow pads etc.

Fee: €20


Saturday 27.7

9:00 Meripäiväkoris 2019 – MeripäiväBasketball 2019

Registeration and more information:

9:00 Vaakkuvolley – Volleyball in Varissaari

More information:,